Save A Rendered Animation In Blender 3d To A Quicktime Movie

Save a Rendered Animation in Blender 3D to a Quicktime Movie

Blender is a freeware 3-D modeling and animation program that rivals programs like Maya or Cinema 4D in its abilities and complexity. It is widely used by amateurs and professionals alike for projects ranging from movies and commercials to demo videos and presentations. In the area of demos, many users like to place their rendered animations on YouTube and use this as a way to present their work to the world. If you would like to place your rendered Blender videos on on YouTube, you must export the video out of Blender in a format that will work well in the conversion process that YouTube performs before it loads the video. Blender has many export options for the video it renders, but one that works well for videos added to YouTube is QuickTime.


1. Open Blender. Select “File” and select “Open.” In the dialog, browse to the project you want to work with. Once it opens, make sure you have everything just like you want it before you render the animation.

2. Set the format to Quicktime by holding down the “F10” key on your keyboard to bring up the “Format Panel.” In the panel, click on the dropdown “Save Image As” menu. From the options presented, select “Quicktime.” Name you rendered file and the location you want to save it to. Also, choose the compression codec for the video, as well as the frame rate.

3. Press “CTRL”+”F12.” Your animated video will now be rendered. Depending on the length, complexity and size of the animation, the rendering process might take some time. When it is done, the animation will be saved to the location you specified.

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