Salary Of A Professor In Oklahoma

Oklahoma professors teach undergraduate classes and mentor graduate students.

Oklahoma professors working as teachers earn a wide range of yearly salaries. The subject area and the teaching discipline typically influence salary levels and Oklahoma teacher’s pay follows these national trends. Sooner State professors teaching molecular biology earned an average salary of $120,019 in 2007, according to a study done by the Montana State University-Bozeman Salary Review Committee, while agricultural professors in the Teacher Education Department earned an average yearly salary of $62,433.

Instructors and Assistant, Associate and Full Professorships

Instructors are the lowest level of the college teaching staff. Oklahoma instructors earned an average salary in the $40,000 range in the 2010-11 school year. The next salary category includes assistant professors. This group averaged in the $50,000 range during this same period. Associate professors, the next salary step, earned in the mid-$60,000s, while a full professor averaged yearly earnings in the $70,000 range in 2010-11. Women averaged significantly less pay at all academic ranking levels compared with their male professor counterparts, even though some females instructors earned more at some universities than the male teachers. While the survey included some of Oklahoma’s largest universities and colleges, other institutions, such as St. Gregory’s, Langston and Cameron Universities and Bacone College failed to disclose pay schedules or average salaries to the public.

Large Versus Small Universities

Colleges focus on undergraduate teaching, research or training doctoral students. The University of Oklahoma at Norman, for instance, focuses on training doctoral students, as does Oral Roberts University, a private institution. UO-Norman also mandates high levels of research from the staff. Professors at Oklahoma schools with a graduate student and research focus earned the highest and third-highest salaries in the state for teachers working as full professors. Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City, a university focusing on undergraduate education, paid full professors significantly less compared with the UO-Norman full professor staff.

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Endowed Chair Assignments

Salaries for professors hired for endowed chair positions typically earn more than their department counterparts. The University of Oklahoma notes private donations fund endowed chairs at the school, allowing departments to hire “exceptional members of the OU faculty.” Donations fund newly created professorships or pay salaries for staff holding current chairs. The positions typically use the name of the donor as part of the professor’s title. Endowed chairs at Oklahoma institutions of higher education include the Donald and Cathey Humphreys Chair at Oklahoma State University in the School of Industrial Engineering and Management and endowed chairs in hematology/oncology in the CMRI Endowed Pediatric Cancer Program, both positions shared by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences and the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

Supplemental Salary

Professors involved in extra assignments receive additional salary. Journal editors, who also teach, earn additional regular pay for the extra assignments. Timothy A. Zwink, lecturer at the University of Oklahoma, also serves in a joint position as editor at the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City. The University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies publishes the Journal of Museum Studies under the editorship of Michael A. Mares, who also earns salary as the Joseph Brant Professor, an endowed chair, in the Department of Zoology at the university.