Run Pinnacle Studio 9 3 On Windows 7

Run Pinnacle Studio 9.3 on Windows 7

While upgrading to a new (as of 2010) operating system like Windows 7 carries lots of benefits with it, there is also one major drawback: Older versions of certain programs, such as Pinnacle Studio 9.3, may no longer function correctly, if at all. Microsoft includes a solution in the form of a “virtual machine” over the top of your new operating system that lets you run all your old programs with no trouble.


1. Visit the Microsoft website. Click on the “Get Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC Now” button.

2. Choose your version of Windows 7 from the drop-down menus. You can find this information in the “System Properties” menu of your “My Computer” folder, available in the “Start” menu.

3. Choose your language from the drop-down menu, and click it.

4. Download and install Windows XP Mode, Windows Virtual PC and the Windows XP Mode Update, in that order.

5. Find the “Windows XP Mode” file you downloaded and double-click it to begin setup.

6. Run Windows XP Mode once setup is complete. Launch Pinnacle Studio 9.3.

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