Run A Free Video Contest

Run a Free Video Contest

Free video contests allow you or your organization to interact in a fun way with members of your community. A free video contest allows contestants to submit their videos on a specified topic for free, and the sponsoring person or organization can choose to publish the video or reward the contestant based on the video quality and adherence to the subject. So start focusing and get your free video contest up and running.


1. List a few ideas of what you want your free video contest to be about. Determine how long submitted videos should be, and the specifics about what the video contest is for (raising awareness about a cause, humor, a commercial for a brand). Review state laws regarding contest age requirements. Consult with your lawyer to find out what is acceptable.

2. Find a sponsor to donate the prizes for your free online video contest. Contact local or online businesses to ask for their support. Use your own financial resources if need be. Determine how many prizes will be awarded and in what amounts.

3. Pick a host location for the free video contest. Use your own website to tell details about the contest, and have official submissions uploaded via free online video companies such as YouTube.

4. Determine the submission guidelines for videos. Review guidelines of other video contests to get ideas. Explain what the video will be used for, and what will happen with the entries once collected. Tell the filmmaker what will result in immediate disqualification, and what will result in you or your organization favoring the submission.

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5. Post the guidelines on your website, and begin accepting submissions. Use an online web form or have filmmakers send an official email with link to the video entry. Send a response to all persons who submit videos to let them know you received the video. Use your email auto-responder to send messages automatically. Keep track of all submissions in a safe, secure location.

6. Judge the video submissions and award the winners. Post the winners on your website, as well as any runner-ups. Personally contact the winners and losers by e-mail to let them know the results of the contest. Thank all filmmakers for their submissions. Pay the winning filmmakers based on what was spelled out in the terms of the contest.