Rotate An Avi Video By 90 Degrees

You can rotate an AVI video 90 degrees and burn it to a DVD.

AVI (Audio Video Interweave) is a video format first introduced by Microsoft in the early 1990s for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The format has achieved industry wide recognition since then and is used in many other editing programs. However, you don’t need a fancy editing program to perform effects like rotating an AVI video by 90 degrees. Windows comes with a program called Windows Live Movie Maker that is easy enough for even a first time director to use.


1. Start Windows Movie Maker. Go to “Start” > “Windows Live” > “Windows Live Movie Maker.”

2. Click on the “Add Videos and Photos” menu option in the upper left hand corner of Windows Live Movie Maker. Browse to the AVI that you want to rotate by 90 degrees and click “OK.” Alternatively, you can drag the AVI video into the clip bin on the right hand side of the Movie Maker window.

3. Click on the AVI video in the editing bin.

4. Select “Rotate left 90 degrees” or “Rotate right 90 degrees” from the menu at the top of Windows Live, depending on which way you want to rotate the AVI video.

5. Click the “File” menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Select “Publish Movie.” You can then pick one of the formats to which you would like to export your rotated AVI file.

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