Rotate An Avi Or Mpeg File

Rotate an AVI or MPEG File

It isn’t uncommon for video shot on nontraditional video recording devices to be improperly oriented. Often devices that double as camcorders, such as digital cameras and cellphones, may be tilted during video recording to add clarity or take in more of the camera shot. But once the AVI or MPEG video file from the digital camera or cell phone is uploaded to a computer, shooting a video sideways in portrait mode may not seem like the best idea.


1. Download and install a copy of the open source video editing tool, Avidemux. Launch Avidemux after you’ve completed the installation process.

2. Click on the “File” heading and then select “Open” from the drop-down menu. Locate the AVI or MPEG file you wish to rotate, using the file explorer window that appears.

3. Click on the drop-down menu under “Video” heading, located on the left side of Avidemux. Click on the video codec used to encode your AVI or MPEG file. If you are unsure of what codec was used for your AVI or MPEG container file, select the “FFV1 (avcodec)” option for an AVI file or the “MPEG-2 requant” option for an MPEG file.

4. Click on “Filters” under the “Video” heading. The “Video Filter Manager” menu will appear. Double-click on the “Rotate” filter in the middle window of the menu. Click on the drop-down menu in the “Rotate” box to set the orientation of your video–“90 degrees,” “180 degrees” or “270 degrees.” Click “OK” and then close the Video Filter Manager menu.

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5. Return to the “File” heading, navigate to the “Save” option, and then click “Save Video.” Enter a name for your video in the “File Name” field or the file explorer window that appear. If your file is an AVI, add the extension “.avi” to the end of the file name, and if your file is an MPEG, add the extension “.mpg” to the end of the file name.