Reverse Zoom In Camtasia 7

Distant screen views create unclear images.

The video editing program Camtasia records your entire screen. Yet when you post your videos online, your audience often views them at a reduced size, making individual screen elements hard to see. To highlight and enlarge the screen’s important content, Camtasia can zoom in on areas. At the end of each zoomed segment, zoom out, reorienting your audience by displaying the whole screen once more.


1. Click the Camtasia timeline at the point where you want the video to start zooming out.

2. Click “Zoom-n-Pan” from the toolbar. The icon looks like a magnifying glass, and it stands between “Callouts” and “Audio.” The upper left pane will change to the “Zoom-n-Pan” screen.

3. Drag the “Scale” slider towards “Zoom out.” The preview screens in the upper left and right panes will change accordingly. Depending on how large your video is compared with your source file, the minimum zoom level may be “100%” or far less.

4. Drag the “Duration” slider to change how quickly you want the video to zoom out. For instance, you might want the video to zoom out over the course of two seconds.

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