Replace The Windows Xp Registry Editor

Replace the Windows XP Registry Editor

The Microsoft Windows operating system is controlled by a series of registry files located on your hard drive. Each copy of the Windows operating system comes with a built-in registry editing program that allows you to view and modify the various registry files. If you have accidentally deleted the registry editing program you can either download a third party software solution that lets you modify registry files or you can instead completely re-install Windows to get the original registry editor back on your hard drive.


Download Third Party Software

1. Download a third party registry editing software from a reputable site (see Resources).

2. Find the downloads area of the website and click on the download button. Click the “Save File” button when a second window appears on the screen asking what you want to do with the file.

3. Wait for the file to completely download and then open the “My Computer” icon located on your computer’s desktop. Navigate through the folders on your computer’s hard drive and find the location where your downloaded files are saved. Double-click the installation file.

4. Follow the instructions that will appear on your desktop to install the third party registry editing program.

Reinstall Windows

5. Turn on your computer and let the Windows operating system finish loading. Insert the Windows recovery CD that came with your PC into the computer’s CD drive.

6. Click on the “Shut Down” button and then choose the “Restart” option. Wait for the computer manufacturer’s logo to appear on the screen and then tab the F8 keyboard key repeatedly until a new black and white menu screen appears.

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7. Use the arrow keyboard keys to scroll down to the option labeled as “Boot from CD.” Highlight the option and then hit the Enter key.

8. Type in the Windows registration CD key located on the inside cover of the manual that came with the recovery disc. Click on “Next.”

9. Choose the time zone from the drop down menu and then type the name you want to designate for the computer in the text box. Click on “Next.” Click on the “OK” button to start the re-installation process.