Replace The Audio On Dvd Editing Software

You can’t just insert a DVD in your computer, open up questionable software and attempt to modify the content. DVDs are compilations of videos divided into chapters that are linked through menus. If you want to change the audio in a video, you need to edit the video. Make sure to use proper video editing software to alter or replace the audio.


1. Find the video file. You can either use the original video file, if you can find it, or rip it from the DVD. To rip it, you will need to own the copyright and have it be an unprotected DVD. DVD ripping software can be used to pull the video from the DVD.

2. Purchase or download video editing software. Start the software application. Click on the option to “Import.” Locate the video file on your computer, select it and let the file be imported.

3. Drag the video into a track in the program. The audio will be shown in a separate audio track. Select the audio track and click the “Del” button.

4. Find another audio file to replace it. Go to the “Import” menu and browse to find an audio file. After importing, drag the audio file to the audio track in the application.

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