Replace Ram On A Sony Vaio

The memory module in a Sony Vaio.

RAM is a physical component in your computer which enables it to operate and run programs. Upgrading laptop memory is a great way to improve performance. Sony has designed their Vaio laptops so that you can do it yourself, regardless of how much you know about computers.


1. Turn off your Vaio and remove the power cable. Close the screen and turn your Vaio upside down.

2. Remove the battery by disconnecting it from its bay on the underside of the computer. Then locate the memory compartment cover on the bottom of your laptop. It is the small rectangular cover above the battery bay.

3. Remove the single screw holding the memory compartment cover in place and you will see two green memory modules.

4. Press the release latches located on either side of one of the memory modules outward and the module will pop out of the compartment at a 45-degree angle.

5. Unplug the module from its socket and fit a new one in its place. Make sure your new memory module is labeled as having the same amount of Megabites (MB) as the remaining module.

6. Press the module down until the latches snap in place. Replace the cover, screw and computer battery.

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