Remove The Watermark From Avs Video Converter

AVS Video Converter is a shareware program, which means it’s free to use but has limitations before you purchase the full version. AVS Video Converter has the limitation of putting an AVS watermark on the files you create during a conversion. A watermark is a symbol superimposed over the video in one corner. They can be distracting when you try to watch a movie file. You can remove the watermark limitation by purchasing and registering the AVS Video.


1. Visit the AVS registration page.

2. Click on the Registration options, which are either 1 year or unlimited. Both options will remove the AVS Video Converter watermark limitation. The subscription simply refers tot he ability to download any new updates that come out.

3. Enter the information in the text boxes such as “Name,” and “Email” address. Click “Next.”

4. Enter your billing information and click the button to Register. A number will be sent to your email address. Click “Start” in Windows and select “AVS Video Converter.” Enter the number in the registration box in the program and click the Register button to unlock the program and remove the watermark restriction.

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