Remove The Rogers Startup Logo On My Samsung Blackjack

Connect a USB cord to the Blackjack phone and to your computer.

The startup screen of the Samsung Blackjack is programmed by the manufacturer according to the cell phone provider’s specifications. For the cell phone carrier Rogers, the phones have the Rogers logo as the startup screen. A Windows program can be downloaded to allow changes to be made to the preset software, which includes changing the startup screen.


1. Open a Web browser on your computer and go to the download page of a registry editor. There are several types available; some examples are CeRegEditor, Mobile Registry Editor or PHM Registry Editor.

2. Connect your Samsung Blackjack to your computer via USB cord. Click on the download button and follow the prompts to install the software.

3. Launch the registry software and click the icon for the Blackjack phone. The registry for your Blackjack phone will now be visible to edit. Changing the registry can cause lots of changes on your phone, so always back up your information to the computer first.

4. Launch the “Active Sync” software if you have Windows XP or earlier or “Windows Mobile Device Center” software if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7. This software connects with your Blackjack to back up your personal information. In the software, select the “Sync” button and wait until you see a confirmation the synchronization has completed. Click on the icon for the Blackjack phone and copy and paste any additional files you wish to back up to your computer.

5. Create the picture you wish to view when your phone starts up. Use a program such as Photoshop or Paint. Use the different symbols and effects until you have a picture to your liking. (It should be relatively simple, like a logo, name or symbol.) Save it in bitmap format (.bmp). It should not be any larger than two or three inches or between 200 pixels and 300 pixels.

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6. Save the file with a simple name like start1 or start2. Save this file to the phone memory, not the memory card or it will not work. Be sure to write down where you save it.

7. Right-Click on the registry entry named “HKLM.” This stands for Hkey_local_machine. Open the “System” folder.

8. Click on the “Startup” folder, followed by the “1” folder. Open the “Value” folder.

9. Input the file location of the file you want to load up at the startup screen; this will be considered the “Splash” value. An example of the location of the file could be “application data/home/start1.bmp.” This will now have this file show instead of the “Rogers” logo.