Remove Iphone Apps From Phone Applications Library

Delete iPhone Apps From Application Library

What do you do if you want to get rid of one or more of those iPhone apps you downloded to your shiny new phone? There are literally thousands of great free iPhone apps available for download through the iPhone App Store in Apple iTunes. Developers have created amazing free iPhone applications to do incredible things with your phone. If you are like me, you download more than you end up using or you’ll test one and discover that you don’t want that app after all. Here are the incredibly simply steps to remove those excess applications from your application library on the iPhone.


1. Make sure the phone is on and navigate to the “Home” screen where all icons of the iPhone applications show on the screen. If you’ve ever moved the icons or rearranged them on the screen, you already know the basics of delete apps from the library. If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry – here’s all you have to do in three simple steps.

2. With the application icons showing on the iPhone home screen, touch and hold one of them (it doesn’t matter which one) until they all start to appear to wobble on the screen. You’ll notice that you can touch and drag them to any spot on the screen now, even to the bottom “favorites” area.

3. You’ll also notice while the icons are wobbling that they now have a small X in the upper left corners. *(only on those apps you’ve added, not those that came with the phone.) Here’s the secret step, touch the little black X and you’ll get a pop-up dialogue box which warns “Deleting [application name] will also delete all of it’s data” and gives you two choices – “Delete” or “Cancel” – so click “Delete” and you’re done – the iPhone app is gone.

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4. Press the “Home” button (bottom center) and the icons stop wiggling on the screen and the “X’s” go away. Congratulations you’ve deleted an iPhone application!