Remove Frames From An Flv File

Flash video is a universal standard for the Internet.

Flash video files (FLV) are perfect for use on the Internet, since they are compact, quick to download and easy to work with. The time may come when you want to remove frames from an FLV file–most likely to reduce the file size. Before undertaking this task, decide whether it is worth the cost in video quality. A low frame rate means that the video will refresh itself less frequently, possibly resulting in jerky movements. But if you must save disc space on your website–or if your Internet bandwidth is maxed out from transmitting FLV videos that are too large–then removing frames from your FLV file may be well worth the effort, and expense if you don’t use a free program.


1. Open your FLV video editing program. Select your FLV video and open it.

2. Locate the “Frame rate” option, either on the main screen or in the menu bar above. The current frame rate should be displayed. Click on the frame rate and change it to a lower number.

3. Click “Encode” or “OK,” then save the FLV video, using a new file name.

4. If available in your FLV video editor, click “Preview” to see the results. If satisfied with the results, exit the program. If not satisfied, convert your FLV video again, increasing or decreasing the “Frame rate” setting as desired.

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