Remove Commercials From Recorded Tv

Remove Commercials From Recorded TV

Removing commercials from recorded television programs is pretty easy once you’ve loaded the digital video file onto your computer. A very simple editing function takes care of the task. With a little slight of hand and a basic understanding of your video-editing program’s functions, you can have commercial-free television programs on your computer any time.


1. Load the recorded video file into a new session on your video-editing software.

2. Insert bookmarks at the beginning and ending of the first commercial period. Place one bookmark at a point on the video file’s timeline during the television program’s transition into the commercial period. Place another bookmark at a point on the timeline during the commercial period’s transition back the television program. Bookmarks provide easy references for the area you intend to delete.

3. Select or highlight the commercial’s duration on the video timeline. Only select the area of the video file‘s timeline that is between your bookmarks.

4. Delete the highlighted selection. The remaining video should snap to form, closing any gap in time left by your deleted section. Slide the beginning of the detached video on the other end of your deleted commercial back toward the end of the previous remaining section if there is a space.

5. Repeat Steps 2 through Step 4 for every period of commercials in your recorded video. You will have removed all commercials from your recorded television program once this is complete.

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