Register With An Avs Audio Converter

The AVS Audio Converter is a shareware software program and part of the AVS software suite that you can download and use on your computer for free. Unfortunately, there is a watermark on all files produced by any of the AVS programs unless you activate the program. Activation requires you register the software by purchasing a special registration key from AVS. You can register your AVS audio converter with a credit card online. Once you register, you will receive an email that you can use to activate the software, remove any watermarks and unlock the software. Registration activates all AVS software.


1. Open your Web browser and visit the website. Click the “Registration” link at the top of the browser. A page listing two options will appear — “1 Year” or “Unlimited.”

2. Click the orange “Click to register now” button beneath either “1 year” or “Unlimited,” based on the type of registration you wish to use to activate your AVS software.

3. Input your first name, last name, email address and physical address into the fields provided. Note that it is important to enter this information as accurately as possible. Click “Next.”

4. Click on the type of payment you wish to use from the list. AVS accepts MasterCard and Visa.

5. Input your credit card number, the security code on the back of the card, expiration date and your cardholder name as it appears on the card into the available fields. Input your billing address, if it is different from your physical address. Click “Make Payment.” AVS will process your order and send you an email with the activation key.

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6. Access the email account you used when purchasing the activation key. Open the email from AVS and locate the “License key.” The license key is a series of numbers and letters separated by dashes. Highlight the license key, right-click and select copy.

7. Click on “Start” in Windows and select “All Programs.” Click the “AVS4YOU” folder, and then click on “Activation” beneath it. An activation dialog box will appear.

8. Right-click within the empty field in the dialog box, and select “Paste” to paste in the activation key. Click “OK.” A window will appear stating “Registration is successful.” Click “OK” to complete the process.