Record To Cd With A Samsung Video Camera

Samsung has added many capabilities to their cameras recently. You can go digital, shoot in high definition and play your videos on your camera. The cameras’ digital and transfer abilities let you put your video on a CD that you can easily transport or send to friends and family.


1. To transfer your videos to a CD, first put them on your computer. Either connect your camera to your computer with the Samsung USB cable provided with your product, or remove your memory card from your camera and insert it into your computer.

2. Allow the Samsung editing software to load onto your computer and use the program to navigate to the content you would like to record to a CD.

3. Select this content and open it with or drag it onto your media player. Two popular media players with video recording capabilities are Nero and Real Player.

4. Save your videos into your media player library, then insert a CD into your computer. Save the video files onto the CD, then burn the CD. All of your recorded content will now be saved on your CD, and if you are using rewritable disks, you can erase and alter the content later.

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