Record Music From Youtube

If you’re like me, you probably like to play music videos and listen to songs on Youtube. Did you know there’s a way to capture the sound track and save it as almost any type of music file? All you need is a computer with Windows XP (or earlier edition), and a sound editing program called Wavepad.

Using the step-by-step guide below, you can convert music from Youtube videos into mp3 files, and then listen to them anytime.


1. If you don’t already have Wavepad on your computer, you can download the software from from the manufacturer’s website (NCH is based in Australia). Just download the free version; you don’t need to buy the masters version for this. Wavepad is lightweight, so it won’t eat up much disk space.

2. As you install the program by running the Wavepad setup, you will see this screen (click image to enlarge). Just check the boxes for Recordpad and Switch File converter. You don’t need the other two programs.

Once you finish, you are one third of the way to recording and saving music from Youtube.

3. Next, go the Master Volume control panel that controls the sound and volume of your computer. Click “Options,” then “Properties,” then the “Recording” radio button, and then look at the list below it. Check the box for “Stereo Mix,” and click OK.

You will now see on the volume control panel that there is a checked box below the “Stereo Mix” volume scale. This is good. Set the volume to the level that you use when you listen to music online.

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This can only be done in Windows XP or earlier, so if you have Vista, you cannot record music from Youtube this way.

4. Now, open Recordpad and the Youtube video whose music you want to capture. Let the video load COMPLETELY (you can do this by playing first).

You don’t need to have the full Wavepad editor program open in the background. In fact, recording works better when you have few programs running, so close all the unnecessary windows, including Master Volume.

5. When the Youtube video has finished loading, hit the record button on Recordpad, and the play button on the video.

6. This step is extremely important. Watch the Recordpad timer very carefully. If everything is working fine, Recordpad should record at the same speed that the Youtube video is playing. If the Recordpad counter is slowing down and then speeding up, the recording will not work and you will have to try again. This is related to the quality of the Youtube video, not the Wavepad software.

7. When the song finishes, hit stop. The song will be saved as “Untitled (some #)” by default, and the default destination is My Documents in the Recordpad folder. You can change these settings by clicking the Options tab in Recordpad.

8. As you can image, the Wavepad and Recordpad programs can be used to capture any music from anywhere online.