Record Multiple Cameras At The Same Time With A Dvr

Motion-detecting DVRs are the best for the surveillance of your business or house in your absence. DVRs with multiple camera attachments are available, and the number depends on the expanse of the premises. Here’s how you can record multiple cameras at the same time with a DVR.


1. Determine where you would like to conduct the surveillance.

2. Figure out how long you need the surveillance to be conducted.

3. Know that there are motion-sensing DVRs available with several channel outputs and necessary software installed in them.

4. Ascertain whether you would like to permanently install cameras in one position or would like to shift them later. Wireless are best for temporary solutions and hardwired ones for permanent.

5. Confirm if the network is appropriate for wired cameras.

6. Decide on the type of cameras to be used. There are black and white, color or dome cameras available.

7. Connect the cameras to the network and to the DVR appropriately. As these DVRs come well equipped with the software, you only need to plug in the cameras.

8. Connect the DVR with the PC monitor or a TV and select the viewing tab.

9. Connect to the Internet if you would like to view the movements in your business premises or house from a remote location anywhere in the world.

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