Record From A Mini Dv To An Imac

A Mini DV tape

Consumer Mini DV digital cameras are widely available, allowing just about anyone to capture their own home movies. With a computer such as an iMac, you can connect your camcorder and transfer your videos from you camera to your computer in order to edit footage and make DVDs.


1. Record footage onto a Mini DV tape with your digital camera.

2. Plug your DV camera into you iMac with the IEEE 1394 FireWire cable. Depending on what the output is on your camera, you may need to get a 4-pin-to-6-pin FireWire cable in order to connect the two.

3. Power on your iMac.

4. Turn on your camera and switch it into playback or computer mode so the computer can recognize it.

5. Open iMovie. You can also use any similar video-editing program, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premiere.

6. Click the “Camera Import” icon in iMovie. It is the icon that looks like a camera on the left side of the window.

7. Cue the tape to the position that you want to import.

8. Select the location, file name, and file size that you want to save.

9. Select “Import” to import the footage onto your computer. The footage will be added into iMovie and stored onto your hard drive. You can edit the footage, create movies and export the footage on a DVD.

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