Record A Vhs Onto A Computer Hard Drive

Capture those old VHS tapes to your computer’s hard drive.

VHS was the recording format of choice in the 1980s. In addition to being used in VCRs, VHS tapes were used in consumer video cameras to capture users’ precious memories. With the advent of digital video capture and editing programs for home use, you can now take those old VHS tapes and record them onto a computer hard drive. The main peripheral you’ll need for this process is an analog to digital breakout box or capturing device.


1. Connect the breakout box to your computer. Some of the newest models simply plug into your computer‘s USB slot. Install any software as necessary. Reboot your computer. This are also referred to as “analog capture boxes” or “analog to digital video converters.” You can purchase these online or at your nearest computer store.

2. Position the VCR near the breakout box. Plug the VCR into the outlet.

3. Connect the RCA cables from the VCR to the breakout box. The three cable color codes are white and red (audio left and right) and yellow (video). Plug one end of the cables into the outputs on the VCR (ensure that you are plugging them into the “video output” connection), and the other cable ends into the appropriate ports on the breakout box.

4. Start your computer’s video capture software. There are a number of choices here. Capture software may have been included with your breakout box; you could use software included with your computer system (iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker) or you could try one of the free and open-source programs available online.

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5. Open the “Preferences” or “Setup” menu of your capture program. On this screen, you can tell the program the folder on your hard drive where you want to store your captured footage. Make a note of the location.

6. Cue the VHS tape in the VCR to the section you want to capture. You should be able to preview the tape on your capture program’s “Preview” screen.

7. Press “Record” or “Capture” in your capture software. Press “Play” on the VCR to begin capturing your VHS footage. Click “Stop” or “Finish” in your capture software when you have captured the desired footage.

8. Use your captured footage as needed. You can re-edit it, add titles or effects, or ree-ncode it for watching on a personal media device.