Put Videos Together On A Computer

Videos are becoming a lot easier and faster to process thanks to new technology like digital cameras and Flip Video. Getting all of that data on your computer is effortless, but once it is there, putting it together and editing could take some time and knowledge. Fortunately, there are multiple ways that you can edit a video on a computer, ranging from beginner to advanced methods.


Beginner Methods

1. Use a default-based video editor like Windows Movie Maker. Almost every Windows computer includes Windows Movie Maker, and it is one of the easiest programs to use when editing videos. For Mac users iMac is the simple video editor that works much the same way.

2. Import your videos into the program and organize them through the “Content” window. The program automatically creates a small thumbnail so you know which clip you are using. Drag the clips down into the “Timeline” window in the order that you want them to appear. From there you can trim the clips, add extra audio, transitions or titles to the project.

3. Render the project to have a single file, featuring all of your clips edited together.

4. Use a free online editing service like JayCut.com. JayCut is a basic video editing service that uses a format much like Windows Movie Maker except that everything is processed online so that you save the hard drive space.

5. Export the final video file from the Web site or automatically post it to other sites like YouTube. You can even showcase the video directly on JayCut if you wish.

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Advanced Methods

6. Use an advanced video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro and other video editing programs give you more control over your footage and a lot more options when it comes to editing specifics.

7. Start a new project and import all of your footage into the “Content” window. You can organize your footage a lot easier by placing it into separate bins or renaming all of the files.

8. Use multilayered video tracks and audio tracks to create an innovative video edit. By using the multiple layers, you can create multiple clips of one shot, mix audio, and add other effects if your footage uses blue screens or green screens.

9. Optimize your footage by adding professional titles, seamless transitions and adjusting audio levels that match evenly.

10. Render the final project as a high-quality AVI or optimize it for the Web using another output format. You can also take your video farther by burning it to a DVD for television viewing.