Put Ringtones On My Samsung Phone

Customize ringtones for your Samsung phone

Samsung mobile phones are among the most unique when it comes to ringtones because customized tones can be added to the phone. With customized ringtones, you do not have to purchase from the mobile carrier; you can create your own and upload them to the phone for assignment to your callers. Ringtones made for Samsung phones can also possess the same high quality sound as those purchased. While putting ringtones on a Samsung phone is not complicated, it does require some minor instructions.


1. Double-click the audio editing software application’s desktop icon.

2. Click the “File” menu tab at the top of the audio editing software application and opt to open the song of your choice. When the song loads, it will be in the form of a wave pattern.

3. Play the song back to locate the part of the song you’d like to use for a ringtone.

4. Stop the wave pattern cursor at the part of the song where you want the ringtone to start. Drag the cursor to where you’d like the ringtone to end.

5. Select the “Trim” action in the audio editing application’s “Edit” or “Effects” menu. (All audio editing applications have an Edit and/or Effects menu.)

6. Save the ringtone version of the song for uploading and transferring to your Samsung phone.

7. Access an online mobile uploading site. (See resources for uploading site options.)

8. Scroll down the mobile uploading site and locate the uploading tool. Click the “Browse” action and locate the ringtone you just created. Highlight the ringtone’s title, then click “Open.”

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9. Provide your 10-digit mobile number to indicate where the ringtone should be sent. (You may also be prompted to provide the name of your mobile service carrier.)

10. Click the “Send”, “Transfer” or “Upload” action so the ringtone will be sent directly to your Samsung phone in a text message.

11. Open the text message sent to your phone from the mobile uploading site. The Samsung phone will redirect to your mobile carrier’s Internet service.

12. Opt to download the ringtone from your mobile Internet browser. The ringtone will then be stored to the Samsung phone’s Ringers or Sounds folder in the phone’s internal memory.