Put My Cassette Home Movies Onto Dvd Using My Mac

Protect your home movies by converting them from cassette to DVD.

You may or may not realize this, but those old video cassettes that you have stored in your home library are degrading little-by-little. The tape in video cassettes is not designed to last forever. That’s why the the invention of digital storage units, such as DVD, is such an important technological step. Digital storage, like DVD, is designed to last forever and can protect important footage, like home movies, from being lost to time. If you want to transfer home movies from VHS cassette tapes onto DVD, you can do so through your Mac computer.


1. Use a video-capture device to connect the VCR to the Mac. Most video-capture devices for Macs have one end with a USB cable that plugs into a USB port on your computer and one end with audio/video ports. Connect the VCR to the audio video ports on the video-capture device by plugging one end of a standard audio/video cable into the “Out” video and audio ports on the VCR and the other end into the ports on the video-capture device.

2. Open iMovie on your Mac. Other video-editing programs can be used as well, but iMovie is a commonly installed software on new Mac systems.

3. Switch to “Capture” mode in iMovie by moving the small blue switch in the lower left-hand side of the screen to the side with the camera icon. “Camera Connected” should display on the screen in iMovie.

4. Go to the “File” menu and open a new project. Start playing the home movie you want to capture in the VCR and click “Import” in iMovie. The footage plays on the iMovie screen. When you reach the end of the footage that you want to capture, click “Import” again to stop capturing. The footage is saved into whatever folder on your system iMovie has set as default.

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5. Burn the video file created in iMovie. Many burning programs can burn the files created in iMovie, including iDVD, which also comes installed standard on most Macs. The burning process in most DVD-burning programs is the same: use the “Import” or “Add Video” button to import the file, go through the screens of the wizard, which have options to customize menus and click the “Burn” button on the final screen of the program.