Put Avi Into Dvd Format With Premiere

Adobe Premiere uses the Adobe Media Encoder to convert AVI to MPEG2-DVD format.

Adobe Premiere, the video editor program in the Adobe Creative Suite, lets you combine video files such as AVI and Quicktime and audio files like MP3 and WAV in a video project. Using Premiere, you can edit the project and export it in a variety of formats based on how you plan to use the video. You can export your video to FLV or WMV for distribution on the Web, H.264 for use on mobile phones and MPEG2-DVD for use in a DVD authoring program.


1. Open Adobe Premiere. Create a new project or load an existing project.

2. Drag an AVI file into the Assets Bin or right-click in the Bin and navigate to the AVI file on your computer and double-click the file.

3. Drag the AVI file into the video timeline in your project. Edit the file as needed.

4. Click “File,” then “Export.” Click “Media.”

5. Select “MPEG2-DVD” from the Format drop-down menu. Click the “Output Name” and enter a name for your exported video clip.

6. Click the “Multiplexer” tab and click the “DVD” radio button. Click “OK.” The Adobe Media Encoder opens.

7. Click “Start Queue” to encode the video in MPEG2-DVD format. Close the Adobe Media Encoder when the file is encoded.

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