Put An Hd Video On A Dvd

You can burn HD DVDs from your computer.

Most computers are built with a DVD drive. With this drive, you can burn your own DVDs and HD (high definition) DVDs. If you do not have a built-in DVD drive, you can buy one at your local electronics or computer store. The MPEG2 is the best file format for burning because it is highly compressed to fit the DVD format. It is the industry standard for DVDs.


Burning HD Videos

1. Buy DVD-burning software that burns HD video. Some Mac programs are iDVD or DVD Studio Pro. If you are using a Mac, iDVD should already be on your computer. PC programs include BurnAware or Adobe Encore. BurnAware is a free program for PC, but it is very limited in its menu and chapter settings.

2. Export or convert your HD movie to MPEG2. This is the standard format for burning DVD Video. To convert video to MPEG2, install a video converter software. You can find several online for free. Once you have installed the software, import your video file and set the output format as MPEG2. Click “Convert.” Converting video between formats results in the loss of video quality. For best results, export your video from your editing software as an MPEG2 to avoid converting.

3. Open your DVD-burning software and import your HD movie. Depending on the software, you will be able to create a menu and chapters. In DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Encore, you can fully customize your menu. In the other programs, you can only adjust the menu templates that come with the program. BurnAware doesn’t allow for menus.

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4. Insert a blank DVD-R into your disc drive.

5. Click “File>Burn DVD” and wait for the burning process to complete.