Programs Like Powerproducer

Video-editing software puts you in the director’s chair.

If you’re ready to dive right into editing that fantastic video footage you just shot, you may want to use an editing program that doesn’t have a difficult learning curve. PowerProducer, an editing program by Cyberlink, comes packed with powerful features that transform ordinary video footage into high-quality movies quickly. You can also find other editing programs that provide PowerProducer’s ease of use and many of its editing capabilities.

Video-Editing Process

Film editors combine video clips and arrange them to produce movies that you see on TV, the Web and in theaters. These clips may contain special effects that make them spin, glow or even display objects not included in the original video footage. Editors may also use transitions to make one clip fade out as another fades in. Sound, another important component, may consist of narration, sound effects and music. Comprehensive video-editing programs must be able to provide all these features.


NHC Software’s website describes its VideoPad Video Editor as intuitive and capable of creating professional videos in minutes. The program allows you to drag video clips onto a Timeline window and arrange them as you would in PowerProducer. Choose from over 50 built-in special effects that add visual eye candy to individual clips or your entire movie. The program allows you to create 3D stereoscopic movies and add your own customized soundtracks using its MixPad mixing software. Handy speed controls allow you to add slow motion to clips, speed them up or even make them play backwards to create unusual reversal effects.

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX, a multimedia software distribution company, has a program named Magix Movie Edit Pro that turns your computer into a video studio. Novice and experienced videographers can use it to combine up to 99 tracks of audio and video into high-quality movies. Enhance poor-quality video footage using the program’s color-correction feature, and add professional effects wherever you like. Preview your effects in real time and add voice narrations to your soundtrack if needed. The program also gives you the ability to edit video created using two cameras.

VideoStudio Pro X4

Corel, maker of PaintShop Pro, notes that its VideoStudio Pro X4 video editor provides fast and easy high-definition editing. It also features drag-and-drop clip management and a gallery of special effects and transitions. If you produce stop-motion animation, VideoStudio Pro X4 can help you create stop-motion movies and apply time-lapse effects to them. The program’s user-friendly navigation panel helps you manage all your movie objects easily and apply them to the project’s timeline. When you’re ready to share your video creations, upload them to popular video sharing sites such as Vimeo and YouTube directly from the program.