Professional Website Creation Software

WYSIWYG editors add a visual element to what would otherwise be a screen full of code.

Most professional web designers enlist the aid of HTML editing software to create websites. These programs are commonly referred to by the acronym WYSIWYG, which stands for What You See is What You Get, and pronounced “wizi-wig”. This type of editing software features split screens that display both the HTML code as well as the visual product.

Adobe Dreamweaver

The most popular of all WYSIWYG editors, Adobe Dreamweaver has been the industry standard since 1997. Dreamweaver has a highly versatile, user-friendly interface that justifies the hefty price tag. It has an application for Windows or for Mac.


While Kompozer may not be as famous as commercial WYSIWYG editors, it sports solid features such as tabbed editing, customizable toolbars and FTP site manager. Kompozer is a free program made by a dedicated community of programmers. It has an application for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Mac users argue that their computers are the best for design projects, and their editor of choice is iWeb. iWeb allows for drag-and-drop placement, and offers a wide variety of pre-made templates to make building a webpage as painless as possible.

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