Produce An Infomercial

Produce an Infomercial

A video infomercial on your website can generate three times more customers. If you are a business owner, you can?t afford to miss out on this. Infomercials are a great way to educate customers about the service or product you provide. With today?s technology, anyone who can record a video can make an infomercial for their business. Follow the guidelines below and learn how easy and inexpensive producing one can be.


1. Select product or service for infomercial.

2. Purchase and gather all equipment required to produce infomercial listed under the “Things” heading. Set up the equipment to record video. Follow the manufacturers’ instruction manuals.

3. Place your video recording device right above your computer screen. This way it looks like you are staring straight at the camera, instead of your computer screen.

4. Write a script. Remember that audiences enjoy stories. No one knows more about your product than you.

5. Use your computer screen as a teleprompter. Purchase affordable PC teleprompter software online or at your local computer software store. Another option is to use a PowerPoint presentation to serve as a prompter.

6. Practice reading the script from your computer screen several times before recording video. When ready, record a 3 to 5 minute video.

7. Use free or purchased video editing software to edit your video. Windows provides free Windows Movie Maker directly from Microsoft. Macintosh computers come with IMovie for video editing.

8. Compress and save the video to your computer.

9. Visit Google Video or YouTube and register for an account. Follow server prompts for uploading videos to web server.

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10. Copy and paste HTML code to your website.

11. Generate more traffic to your website by using a video infomercial and watch your business income take off.