Pps File Extensions

Four applications used the PPS file extension.

A file extension is the part of a computer file name that comes after the dot (“.”). The file’s base name precedes the dot. File extensions are usually a three- or four-letter acronym describing either the contents of the file or the name of the application that uses that type of file. Four applications used the PPS file extension, although two of these no longer employ it.


The most common implementation of the PPS file extension is the PowerPoint slide show file. PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office package. The program enables the creation of slides for presentation. The PPS file bundles together a series of slides so that they can be displayed in a particular order during a presentation. The PPS file ending was replaced in PowerPoint with the release of PowerPoint 2007. All Office 2007 elements output in Open XML format and the file extensions of the PowerPoint slide show file changed to PPSX. Newer versions of PowerPoint are still able to open files with the PPS extension.

Personal Producer

Matrox Electronic Systems, a Canadian company, created a video editing program called Personal Producer. Within Personal Producer, a storyboard feature enabled users to map out segments of video and string them together into a finished film. The storyboard was saved in a file with the extension PPS. In this application, the PPS file extension was an acronym for Personal Producer Storyboard. Matox no longer sells Personal Producer.


ArcView is a Geographic Information Sytem (GIS) produced by Esri. Esri specializes in mapping tools and ArcView is a mapping system, enabling users to customize standard maps. ArcView stores processing set codes in a file with the PPS extension.

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Paint Shop Pro

Corel produces a range of graphics editing programs under the name of Paint Shop. One of the variations in this family is Paint Shop Pro. Earlier versions of Paint Shop Pro saved image files with the PPS file extension. The program no longer uses the PPS file extension.