Play Two Clips At The Same Time On Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere features advanced video editing tools to create almost any image using advanced visual effects and techniques. Whether it is for a montage, multiple angles or to showcase a phone call, you can easily edit two clips so that they play at the same time within Adobe Premiere. The key is to use the video layer tools and then transform the clips to make them appear side to side together on the screen.


1. Start a new project in Adobe Premiere. If you already have the clips in a project, click on the “Open” icon and load the project.

2. Drag the clip you want to appear on the left side of the screen to the “Video 1” section of the project.

3. Drag the other clip onto the “Video 2” section. Now the “Preview Monitor” will just show the “Video 2” clip for now.

4. Click on the “Effects” tab and select the “Video Effects” sub-menu. Click and drag the “Transform” effect onto each video.

5. Click on “Video 2” once to highlight it. Click on the “Effect Control” tab at the top of the screen.

6. Expand the “Transform” menu to see all the options. Click on the “Size” option and change it to “50%.”

7. Repeat the “Transform” size process for the second clip.

8. Change the “Position” of the “Video 2” clip until it touches the left side of the screen. You can click and manually move the clip within the “Monitor” window or adjust the numbers manually.

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9. Change the position of the “Video 1” clip so that it touches the right side of the screen. Make sure that the clips do not overlap and are evenly adjusted.

10. Press “Enter” to render the effect and then watch a preview. Make any needed adjustments and the project is complete.