Play Flash Video On Iphone

Play Flash Video on Iphone

Have you found a great video that you want to play on your Iphone, but can’t because it’s in Flash format? This guide shows you use the web so you can watch Flash videos on your phone.


1. Open your Safari browser. Make a new webpage, and got to This will work for a variety of sites, such as myspace, blip, an metacafe, but NOT ALL FLASH WEBSITES.

2. Register at the site — you need to do this if you want to watch more than 20 seconds of video. Don’t worry — it’s easy to do and it’s free. After you register you will be able to watch Flash videos of any length.

3. Wait until you receive a confirmation email from the site. This should only take up to one hour. Hit the “activate now” button in the email.

4. Return to your original website. Hit the “+” button on the site, and add the site as a bookmark. Name it whatever you like and hit “save”. For purposes of this tutorial, we will name the site “FLASH”.

5. This is the important part. Go to your bookmarks page, and go to “edit”. Go to the bookmark that you saved for this site — which we named “FLASH”. You will see the web address for the site. It will read something like “www.livebuster.com_/javascript.window.location. . .” Put your cursor right before the “j” in “javascript on the address, and delete everything that comes before it. What remains will say “javascript.window.location . . .”

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6. Now close the bookmark process.

7. Now click on the flash video you want to watch. You will get a message saying “you need flash player to view this site”. At this point, hit “bookmarks” and click on the bookmark that we named “FLASH”. Your video should now play.