Play Files With Mts Extension

The file extension MTS generally indicates a high definition MPEG Transport Stream video file, a.k.a. an Advanced Video Codec High Definition file, or AVCHD for short. This type of MTS file contains high definition video shot with a Panasonic or Sony camcorder. Panasonic and Sony developed the MTS file format in 2006 to use for HD camcorders. The file extension MTS can also indicate an audio sample file for the audio tracking program MadTracker 2. This type of MTS file contains a short sound clip used in a music score. open an MTS file depends on the type of MTS file.


1. Examine the MTS file to determine the type of file. For example, if the file size is very large or the MTS file is in a folder named “Camcorder Video,” it’s probably an HD video file. If the file size is very small and the MTS file is in a folder with music, it’s probably a MadTracker file.

2. Double-click the MTS file. If your computer has a program installed that can open it, the MTS file may open automatically without a problem. If not, continue looking for a program.

3. Download and install free software that can open MTS files. If you think it’s an HD video file, download and install VLC media player, a free media player that works on Mac, Windows and Linux. If you think it’s an audio sample file, download and install MadTracker.

4. Right-click the MTS file, then click “Open with.” Select the program you just downloaded and installed, then click “OK.”

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