Play “Bully” On The Wii

Bully” is a third-person adventure game that was initially released by Rockstar Games for the Sony PS2. Two years after its debut, the game was ported to the Nintendo Wii with some enhancements to its motion controls and some extra mini-games. In “Bully,” players take on the role of Jimmy Hopkins, a troubled teen who is enrolled in the fictional Bullworth Academy. Jimmy must attend school classes that take the form of mini-games, and must complete various missions, in order to improve his status at school.


1. Use the left and right directional buttons on the Wii Remote to rotate the game camera left or right. Use the up and down directional buttons to zoom the camera in and out.

2. Use the analog stick on the Wii Nunchuk controller to move your character in the game world. Holding down the “A” button on the Wii Remote in conjunction with the analog stick on the Wii Nunchuk will allow your character to run.

3. Press the “1” button on the Wii Remote to pause the game and access the options menu. Press the “2” button to bring up a list showing your current objectives in the game. Use the “+” and “-” keys on the Wii Remote to cycle through all the items in your inventory.

4. Move the Wii Remote forward in order to throw a left punch and move the Nunchuk forward in order to throw a right punch. Hold down the “Z” button on the Nunchuk while moving the Wii Remote forward to perform a grapple punch.

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5. Pay attention to the clock in the top-right-hand side of the game screen. Classes start at different times and some missions have to be performed within a time limit. To get to appointments quickly, press the “+” and “-” buttons on the Wii Remote together to use the skateboard. This will help you get around the game world faster, but using this at school can get you into trouble.

6. Attend classes at school to improve your grades and acquire new skills. The class times and locations will be displayed on your game map. Follow the instructions displayed on screen when attending a class, in order to play a mini-game and get graded for it. Cutting classes will lead to lower grades, and prefects will chase you if you are caught outside.

7. Talk to everyone you encounter in the game world to get new missions that can lead to rewards. Story missions will further the plot of the game, while side missions are not essential to completing the game, but can reward you with new costumes or items.