Pinnacle 11 Studio Training

Studio 11 is a video editing platform produced by Avid Technology, Inc. under the Pinnacle software brand. Training for Studio 11 covers the three primary functions of the software — capture, edit and create movies — with bonus lessons in animation, track mattes and special effects.


The topics covered in Studio 11 training include instruction in audio recording and layering, text implementation, basic and advanced editing tools, video capture and Pinnacle’s instant video-making plug-in Smartmovie. Other subject matter involves managing video transitions, performing color correction, using the StageTools MovingPicture pan and zoom tool and exporting video files to the web.

Bonus Lessons

In addition to track mattes, which mask off parts of a video layer for editing, training in Studio 11 involves learning incorporate the Boris Effects special effects application in pre- and post-production edits. It also explores animation wipes, a stylistic video transition technique used when moving from one scene to another.


As of December 2010, the DVD-based “Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11 & 12″ costs $29.99. Several third-party training providers also offer instruction in Studio 11.

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