Pinnacle 10 Tutorial

Pinnacle Studio lets you capture and edit video from a digital camcorder.

Avid Pinnacle Studio 10 lets you capture and edit digital video on your computer. The all-in-one video-editing program includes transitions, special effects, a menu designer, a slide show creator and a DVD recorder. You can import standard- and high-definition video from a digital camcorder, or edit MPEG and AVI files downloaded from the Internet. Pinnacle Studio 10 includes a number of wizards that guide you through the process of capturing, editing and recording digital video.


1. Click “Start,” “All Programs” and “Pinnacle Studio 10” to open the program.

2. Plug one end of a USB or Firewire cable into your computer and the other into your digital camcorder.

3. Click “Capture” in the upper-left corner of Pinnacle Studio. Turn on the camcorder and set it to transfer mode. Consult your camcorder’s manual for specific instructions. Click “Start Capture” to begin the video transfer. Click “Stop Capture” to manually end the transfer process, or wait until Pinnacle has transferred the entire video. Enter a file name and location for the video and click “OK” to save it to your computer.

4. Click “Edit” in the upper-left corner of Pinnacle Studio. Click “Show Video” to view the videos stored on your computer. Drag and drop the videos you want to join into the Storyboard window. Move the videos within the Storyboard window to arrange them in the desired playback sequence.

5. Click “Transitions” in the upper-left corner of Pinnacle Studio. Click the preset transitions to preview them. Drag a transition to the Storyboard window and drop it between the video clips where you want the transition to occur.

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6. Insert an audio CD into your computer’s CD drive. Click the “Audio Toolbox” icon at the top-left of the Storyboard window. Click “Background Music from CD.” Select a track from the “Add Music” menu, and click “Add to Movie.” Repeat to add additional tracks.

7. Click “Make Movie” in the upper-left corner of Pinnacle Studio when you finish editing your video. Select the type of video you want to create, choosing among MPEG, AVI or DVD video. Insert a blank DVD if recording the video to disk. Click “OK” to create the video.