Photo Touchup Programs

Photo touch-up programs enable both beginning and advanced photo editors and graphic designers to correct pictures in a professional manner. These programs permit editors to fix composition, exposure and color using one interface. Once photos have been corrected, they can then be printed out in different sizes to sell as a package. At least one program allows photos to be made into a calendar, which can be given to others as a gift.

Adobe Photoshop Program

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing program that is used by professional photo editors, filmmakers and graphic designers. Developed by Adobe Systems, this program enables users to do basic functions such as color correction, eliminating red eye and cropping photos. Advanced photo editors and graphic designers also have the ability to remove items or people from a photo, skew images and manipulate objects. Adobe Photoshop can operate on both Mac and PC systems, making it easier for all consumers to use. Graphic designers and photo editors can also print photos with different layouts, permitting a photographer to sell photo packages to clients.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Program

Corel Paint Shop Pro enables graphic designers and photo editors to touch up photos much like Photoshop. This program, distributed by the Corel Corporation, permits users to edit and manipulate photos using an easy to navigate interface and tools. New versions allow for HD video taken from digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR) to be imported into the program and merged with still images. Photo editors also can create painted renditions of images using brushes and filters. Corel Paint Shop Pro is not available for Mac systems; it was developed specifically for Windows operating systems.

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Ulead Photo Impact Program

Ulead is a basic photo editing program that caters to both beginning and advanced editors, as it offers two modes of photo editing. Beginners can touch up photos using the Express Fix mode, which enables editors to color correct, fix light intensity and adjust photo composition easily. The Full Edit mode permits advanced photo editors to remove blemishes, add photo effects and correct underexposed or overexposed areas within the photo. Photo editors also can create calendars, collages and cards, using wizards within the program, to share with family and friends. Ulead, which is operated by the Corel Corporation as well, is available for use only on Microsoft Windows operating systems.