Perform A Video Capture In Premiere

You can use Adobe Premiere 4 to capture (digitize) analog video that is recorded on a camcorder tape or a video tape. Once you have captured the video, you can use it to create your own digital movies or to export individual frames as still images. You will need a video capture card, a fast hard disk with plenty of free space, video cables, Adobe Premiere, a video playback device (such as a camcorder or VCR) and a source of analog video (such as a tape).


1. Connect your video playback device to the computer, using the same type of cables that you use to connect your VCR to your television. Connect the Audio Out (or similarly named) port from the playback device to the Audio In (or similarly named) port on the computer. Connect the Video Out port from the video source to the Video In port on the computer.

2. Open or create a project in Adobe Premiere.

3. Open the MovieCapture menu, and then choose your settings for each area. Click OK.

4. Select Capture and then MovieCapture from the File menu. A black Recording window opens.

5. Begin playing your tape on the VCR or camcorder, with the Recording window activated.

6. Check the Recording window for brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. If you want to make adjustments, click on the MovieCapture menu and then on Video Source. A window appears with sliding markers to adjust your color settings.

7. Slide the markers back and forth, while the video is playing, until you achieve the color quality that you want. Click OK to keep those settings.

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8. Rewind your tape to a few seconds before the place where you want to begin the capture.

9. Play your tape.

10. Click Record on the Recording window. The recording begins.

11. Click Stop Recording when you have recorded the clip you want.

12. Preview your clip.

13. Name and save your clip if you are satisfied.