Pcbased Video Editing Software

Various video editing programs exist for editors at all levels. Both amateur editors seeking a simple program for home movies, or professional editors working with full-length feature films, have plenty of choices.

Choosing Features

All programs operate on a non-linear editing system, which means editors have the option of setting up clips in any order or size. Amateur editors need basic features, as well as the ability to easily make DVDs. Professionals look for complex software that produces a project capable of being shown on film and television in addition to high-quality graphics, titles and audio capabilities.

Price Range/Availability

Prices in 2010 range from less than $100 for basic programs such as Sony Studio up to the $2,500 or more for the most sophisticated systems like Avid and Adobe.


Consider calling local studios or locations that do editing professionally in your area to see if they offer a chance to try out software. Some companies and specialty stores offer lessons on basic video editing.

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