Overlay Video With Studio 9’S Chroma Key

Shooting an image on a green screen will allow you to change the background in post-production.

Chroma key is the processes of overlaying two videos where one color is set to transparent so that the background of the second video shows in the primary video. This effect makes use of green screen or blue screen backgrounds to change the background of a video image and is common practice on movie sets. You can use this effect in Pinnacle’s Studio 9 video editing software.


1. Start Pinnacle Studio 9 and select “New Project” to open a new project. If you already have a project started with your footage, select that project.

2. Click “File,” select “Import” and choose the footage you want to import. You will need your background footage (the footage that you want to transpose into the background) and the green screen footage (the footage that you shot against the green screen background).

3. Click and hold on your background footage from the footage bin and drag it into the time line at the bottom of the window.

4. Drag your overlay footage (the green screen footage) into the overlay track, which is the track denoted by the square within a square icon below the time line track.

5. Click “Toolbox” in the toolbar of the Pinnacle Studio 9 window and select “Add Video Overlay Effects.”

6. Click the “Chroma Key” tab in the effects window.

7. Click the drop-down menu and select the key color. You can select “Green Screen Key,” “Blue Screen Key” and others, or you can use the color wheel to select and exact hue of any other color.

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8. Check the “Enable Chroma Keying” check box. The footage will then be overlayed, and the key color will become transparent.