Overlay Clips In Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is editing software used in film production.

Premiere is short for Adobe Premiere Pro, a video-editing software used by professional and amateur filmmakers to produce everything from commercials to feature length films. The overlay tool lets users place a specific video or audio clip in a designated track on the editing timeline with a click of a button. Each version has the same process for overlaying a clip. The only exception is that in Premiere CS5 and Premiere CS5.5, the tool is called overwrite instead of overlay. However, the instructions for using the tool remain the same.


1. Double-click on a video or audio clip in the project panel to open it in the source monitor.

2. Place the current-time indicator in the sequence you are viewing in the source monitor exactly where you want your clip to start.

3. Select the track(s) to the left of the timeline where you would like your clip to overlay. Clicking on the track(s) titles such as Video 1, Video 2 or Audio 1 until highlighted gray will select the track.

4. Drag the source clip track indicators to the tracks where you plan to overlay the clip.

5. Click on the overlay button or the overwrite button in Premiere CS5 and CS5.5. Both are just below the source monitor and indicated by a symbol of a downward arrow over a gray line. The clip should now be overlaid to the track(s) you selected.

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