Open Videos In Photoshop

Create spectacular videos using Photoshop.

With the proliferation of digital camcorders, many people are choosing to take their videos to the next level by adding special effects. Although they often use a program like Adobe Premiere or Avid, if you have a copy of Photoshop you can also edit videos, as long as it is in a commonly used format like AVI or MOV. Editing your video in this way has the advantage of allowing you access to all the tools, filters and functions of Photoshop. The process for importing your video frames into Photoshop is fairly simple and quick.


1. Load the video that you want to work with onto your computer by transferring it from your camcorder or other digital source.

2. Open Photoshop. Select “File” from the menu and choose “Import.” From the options, choose “Video Frames to Layers.” In the dialog that appears, locate the video file you loaded and open it. A new dialog will open.

3. Choose whether you want to import all of the frames in the video you loaded or just a few frames. To import all of the frames, choose “From Beginning to End.” To import specific ones, choose “Selected Range Only.”

4. Adjust the controls at the bottom of the dialog to choose the particular frames you want to use (if you selected this option). Then click “OK.” The frames will appear in the Layers palette as stacked layers.

5. Select “Window” from the menu and choose “Animation.” A timeline will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the menu in the upper-right corner and choose “Make Frames from Layers” from the options. Your video will appear in the timeline ready for editing.

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