Open Mp4 Compressed Files

Extract compressed video files.

MP4, or MPEG-4, is a video file format that is stripped of unnecessary information (such as data involving some color of the video) to make the video file smaller than other formats. This makes the MP4 video file a go-to format for portable movie devices such as the Sony PSP and Apple iPod. However, if the file has been downloaded from the Internet in a compressed format, it needs to be extracted before being played on a computer.


1. Navigate to the location on your computer where you saved the compressed MP4 file.

2. Right-click the file, then choose “UnZip” from the pull-down menu. In a moment, the unzip software loads onto the screen.

3. Choose an extraction destination from the bottom of the screen, then click “UnZip.” The MP4 video file is now extracted from its compressed state.

4. Locate the newly extracted MP4 video file (wherever you selected the extraction destination to be), then double-click the MP4 video file. It will load into the default media player of the computer and begin to play.

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