Open Avi Files In Adobe Premier Pro

Edit your video library with Adobe Premier Pro.

Adobe Premier Pro is the video editing software made by Adobe, the digital software company most known for Photoshop and After Effects. With Premier Pro you can upload and edit a variety of different video formats, including AVI. However, unlike other video formats you can run into a few issues importing the file to the program. If you find the video footage looks jittery after importing you can correct the issue with just a few, quick steps.


1. Launch Adobe Premier Pro, then click “File,” “Import” and choose the AVI file you want to load into your video editor. Click “OK” and the video appears in the footage library at the side of the screen.

2. Double-click the AVI file and press the spacebar. This plays the video. You can see the video is slightly jittery and appears to have lines running through it. This is because some off video channels you need to fix.

3. Double-click the video file again, then choose “File,” “Interpret Footage.” A new window appears on the screen.

4. Check off “Ignore Alpha Channel” and press “OK.” Double-click the AVI file again and press spacebar. The video should play correctly now. However, if it does not you can right-click the video and uncheck “Frame Blending.” Once you exit out of the menu the AVI file plays correctly without any distortion.

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