Open An Iphone Movie In Imovie

Shoot a movie with your iPhone and open it in iMovie on your Mac.

After you shoot a movie with one of the built-in cameras on your iPhone, you can watch it on the device’s 3.5-inch touch-sensitive display. Later, you might want to edit your iPhone movies into a longer movie, and add narration, music and transitions before you show them to your family and friends. You can easily transfer movies from your iPhone to your Mac, and then open them with iMovie, the free video editing application that comes pre-installed on all new Macs.


Transfer Movie from iPhone to Mac

1. Click on the iPhoto icon in the Dock on your Mac to launch the application.

2. Connect your iPhone to a USB port on your Mac with the iPhone’s included USB cable. The iPhone’s icon will appear in the left pane of the iPhoto window.

3. Click on the iPhone icon. Thumbnails of videos you shot with the iPhone will appear in the main iPhoto window.

4. Click on a thumbnail to select it, or drag the mouse to select multiple videos, and then click “Import Selected.” Otherwise, click “Import All” to import all the movies and any pictures you have shot since the last import session.

5. Click on the icon of a movie in the iPhoto window, and then drag it into a folder on your Mac to make a copy that you can work with in iMovie.

Import Movie into iMovie

6. Click on the iMovie icon in the Dock on your Mac to launch the application.

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7. Click “File” from the iMovie menu.

8. Click “Movies,” and then click “Import.”

9. Click on your folder on your Mac where you copied the movie from iPhoto.

10. Click on the movie file to select it, and then click “Import.” The movie from your iPhone now opens in iMovie.