Open An Ecm Type File

Some computer files cannot be opened without taking other steps first.

An .ecm file is a disk image file saved in the Error Code Modeler format. It is essentially a different type of file, such as .bin, .cdi, .nrg or .ccd, “condensed” or “stored” as an .ecm type file. An .ecm file typically looks something like this: filename.nrg.ecm. Trying to run the .ecm file will not yield results. You must first convert the file to its original state.


1. Download a program capable of retrieving the original file from the .ecm file, such as the one at

2. Extract the .ecm converting program you downloaded to its own folder or an easy-to-find location.

3. Note of the application labeled “unecm.” This is the program that will retrieve the original file from the .ecm file.

4. Locate the .ecm file that you want to open. Drag this file over to the unecm program and drop it into the window. A command prompt should open, and your file will be extracted from the .ecm file. Once the extraction is complete and the command prompt goes away, you will find your newly extracted file in the same folder as the original .ecm file. The newly extracted file will no longer have the .ecm file extension — i.e., filename.nrg.ecm will be filename.nrg instead.

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