Online Video Production Careers

Online video production careers require skills in shooting and editing.

Because of the affordable equipment options available to consumers these days, basic production gear for online video production is now very accessible to the general public. With the steady increase of digital content from various online platforms, many companies are looking for video professionals to keep up with the demand. Common video needs include online video tutorials, instructional videos, travel videos and features about experts in various fields.


Given the mobile nature of productions for online video use, the director typically works as producer and writer for the project as well. Sometimes, there are clients that provide a script to follow and the director simply visualizes and produces the project. Aside from planning the shots, this person also schedules the shoot, scouts for locations and gets in touch with the people that should be involved in the production.

Videographer/Lighting Designer/Sound Recordist

The videographer takes charge of the camera work required for the production. Again, given the small team involved, the videographer typically works as the lighting designer and sound recordist as well. Often times, production lights used in the project are quite minimal to keep production costs down. Using available light becomes the more practical option for many projects. The sound coming from a boom mic or lapel mic is also connected to the camera. At times, the videographer may also act as director, producer and editor. However, in more demanding videos requiring more expensive production requirements, these jobs are usually designated to others.

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Video Editor

The video editor takes charge of assembling and editing the footage. This job requires a high-end computer and adequate disk space to accommodate videos, photos, music and other audio-visual materials. Some projects will consist of video already shot and simply in need of editing. In such a case, the client will generally send the materials to the editor online, with the editor returning–also online–the finished product.

Animator/Motion Graphics Artist

An animator or motion graphics artist usually works on animated titles, special effects shots and motion graphic requirements. Many clients hire an animator or motion graphics artist to create interesting video clips that could either stand on their own or be included in larger videos. In some projects, the animator also acts as editor. Skill in animation and visual effects will make a video editor that much more in demand.