Ohio Film Colleges

Ohio has several film schools.

Ohio may not be home to any cinematic meccas like Hollywood or New York, but it does have several ties to Tinsel Town. Many notable movies including “A Christmas Story,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Men In Black” and “Spider-Man 3” were filmed on location in Ohio. If you plan to pursue an education in film, the Buckeye State offers several options.

School of Film at Ohio University

The College of Arts at Ohio University School of Film offers two graduate degree programs: a master of fine arts (MFA) and a master of arts (MA) in international film. A minor in film is also available. The school offers two undergraduate programs: the Honors Tutorial College BFA (bachelor of fine arts) in film, as well as a minor in film. Students can only gain admission to the graduate program for fall enrollment, and the school requires an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0. The curriculum and state-of-the-art production facilities foster students’ creativity and development in the motion picture industry.

School of Film

Lindley Hall 378

Ohio University

Athens, OH 45701



The Art Institute of Ohio

The Art Institute of Ohio is one of 40 Art Institute locations across the country. The two-year program in digital filmmaking and video production offers an intensive course load that prepares students for entry-level employment as a video editor, video producer or digital videographer.

The Art Institute of Ohio

8845 Governers Hill Drive, Suite 100

Cincinnati, OH 45249



The Film Connection of Cleveland, Ohio

The Film Connection is an alternate film school operating in various cities across the country. Unlike schools with a traditional classroom environment, The Film Connection facilitates apprentice programs by pairing students with professionals working in their desired field. Students work in the field gaining personalized training and real-world experience while establishing contacts in the industry and building their resume.

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The Film Connection

Corporate Headquarters

6253 Hollywood, Boulevard, Suite 302

Los Angeles, CA 90028