New Jersey Colleges With Film Schools

Today’s digital video equipment is a far cry from this vintage film camera.

It’s the 21st century, and there’s never been so much demand for filmmaking skills. Hundreds of TV stations need programming, hundreds of thousands of businesses want to promote themselves, and hundreds of millions of websites are thirsting for content. Film and videography schools are springing up everywhere to meet this demand, and New Jersey is no exception.

Introductory Courses

It’s not a bad idea to test the waters before jumping in. The New Jersey Film Academy/Industry Film School provides short courses to teach the basics of film and digital media production. The school prepares young students for further education in the field, and also serves those who want the basic skills for personal use. The New Jersey Film School also offers introductory hands-on instruction for children, teens and adults.

Fairleigh-Dickinson University

Fairleigh-Dickinson offers film progams at two of its New Jersey campuses. Becton College at the Madison campus offers programs in film, animation, computer graphics and related disciplines. In 2006, the Metropolitan campus at Teaneck launched a BA in communications with a film concentration, offered in conjunction with the prestigious New York Film Academy in Manhattan. Classroom instruction is at the campus, and practical instruction at NYFA’s Manhattan location.

Montclair State University and Jersey City University

Montclair State University offers a bachelor of fine arts program in filmmaking. The school also offers broadcasting as a BFA major, and film is available as a minor through the English Department. New Jersey City University‘s Media Arts Department offers a range of programs, including film, digital media and video production. Students may choose a BA in media arts or select it as a minor.

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Rowan University

Rowan University’s College of Communication has a Department of Radio, Television and Film. The facilities include two full-blown production studios and three post-production labs with more than 30 editing systems. The school offers a baccalaureate program with a variety of options; courses are structured to give students a balanced grasp of practical experience and academic knowledge.