Never Receive A Photo Radar Ticket In The Mail

No Photo Radar Tickets

Here’s never receive a photo radar ticket in the mail. You may run a red light or be speeding accidently and see the flash in your rear view mirror. You think, Oh, no, I’ve been caught by photo radar. If you follow these simple steps, you may never receive that ticket in the mail at all. Photo radar traffic tickets started in Europe as early as 1978. Even then the photos from the traffic cameras showed the front and back of the car and the driver. It has begun to pop up in nearly every state as a moneymaker to fill the state coffers.

It works exactly like it sounds. A computer and a radar unit are attached to a camera.

The roadway has buried hot spots for detecting movement. When a vehicle exceeds the posted speed or runs the red light, the hot spots send a message to the computer to record it and the camera takes the photo. Most cameras are set to show the front and back of the law breaking vehicle and the driver. However the cameras are not infallible. Once a ticket showed the correct automobile but the driver was deceased years before.

Keeping in mind that camera photo radar laws are different in each state, these are generalized steps but may work in most states with photo cameras. You will need to check your state laws for loopholes. Here are some steps you can take now to NEVER receive that photo radar ticket:


1. There are many legal ways to fool the paperwork on a photo radar traffic ticket. One way is to cross-register your vehicle with your spouse or other opposite sex family member. The sex of the person named on the ticket will be the opposite sex of the driver in the photo. It’s normally kicked out by the editors when it is obviously the wrong sex person driving.

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If you do receive the photo radar traffic ticket, you can have the police or court dismiss the citation due to the opposite sex photo. You are not obligated to say who was driving.

2. You can re-register your automobile under the name of a family trust, a limited liability corporation, a regular corporation, or limited partnership business. If a notice of violation comes in the mail, trash it as police and courts may take no further action.

3. You can ignore the ticket and trash it. If you do, you may have to dodge a process server for 4 months.

However if you can dodge them for four months, because if the ticket isn’t served or signed, it must be dismissed from the court after 4 months. See tips below about dodging.

4. Your state may have a website where you can check the status of the ticket without penalty or tracking.

5. Another possibility is to register your automobile with a Post Office box as your mailing address. The motor vehicle division may require a physical address for you but perhaps only the box address may show at the photo-enforcement company.

6. At least with a post office box, the process server will be unable to find you. Also pay a little extra to go to a non published number so they can’t get your address.

7. In fact, due to editing by the photo company, who sends the information on to the police department for citations, you may never receive it. They normally don’t send tickets to P.O. Boxes, Businesses, Corporations, or other governments(like a county or state vehicle).

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